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Why you should start your Christmas shopping early

Whether it's buying gifts for a loved one or a treat for yourself, no Christmas is complete without shopping. Though shopping is always fun, there is no doubt that Christmas shopping can be time-consuming, overwhelming and expensive.

To make the festive season more enjoyable and less stressful, start your Christmas shopping early! Having a plan is the first step to achieve this. Early Christmas shopping can save you time, money and ensure you get all you need to be done without any last minute rushing around. Find out how.

  1. Plan your purchases

Plan, plan, plan! This is the most critical part of getting your Christmas shopping done early. Make a note of each person you plan to buy a gift for. Don't forget to include yourself. Planning also gets you thinking more about what the perfect gift will be for that special person rather than just picking up something more generic as you didn't have time to shop early. Your gifts will be more personalised and therefore more appreciated.

  1. Set a Budget

Set a budget for your shopping and stick to it. Keep a general idea of how much you would like to spend for each person on your list. Working with a total budget in mind will help stop you from going over budget and straining your financial resources, which could even impact you at the start of the next year.

  1. Research deals

With a clear plan of whom to shop for, how much to spend and what kind of gift to buy, early shopping gives you time to search out for the best sales in the market. You are almost guaranteed to find the perfect gift at a great price. Your loved ones will not be disappointed and neither will you after seeing the joy on their face and feeling the weight of the extra cash left-over in your wallet.

  1. Set aside the time for shopping

Schedule your time. Have a cut-off date for when all your shopping should be complete. Then divide all your purchases in the time frame that you have allocated yourself. This way, you will reduce the stress of shopping for everyone at once.  Mark your calendar with action lists on what you would like to achieve for specific dates and times. Make sure you stick to it or chances are that you will procrastinate and keep putting the shopping off.

  1. Skip the Crowds

Last-minute shoppers; we've all been that person! Those haunting memories of crowded stores, long queues and items sold-out. Don't let the ghost of the Christmas past revisit you this year. Have a plan, stick to it and shop early. You'll be surprised how this will make your festive season so much more enjoyable.


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