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Fashion DO’s and DON’Ts

Stone crumbles, clay erodes, wood rots, fashion and style are forever.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” R. Zoe

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion must do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” — Coco Chanel

It is a delicate balance of dualism in fashion between simple and significant, trendy and tacky, elegance and snobbery, irrational and freedom, escapism and imprisonment.

It would almost be right to conclusively say that the manner of dressing and appearance reflects a person’s feelings, moods, instincts and attitude. Now that first impression matters, a quick glance is nearly impossible to reverse or undo urging the right tone in such an encounter. Dressing appropriately being that urge.

Here are some guidelines on what is within the acceptable reign of an accurate sense and purpose of fashion.

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There should be a myriad of accessories for various fashion pieces in everyone’s wardrobe. Accessories generally improve the entire look given they are considered the spice of an outfit. Jewellery, scarves, clutch bags, eyewear, hats and the like, accord a piece of garment with fascinating multiple looks.


The weather, the occasion and the specified dress code for an event should be observed before an outfit is assembled and worn. Last minute preparations ought to be on the back burner of anyone who considers himself or herself a “fashionista.”


Everyone should endeavour to wear the right size of clothing, tailored in exquisite material as such exudes sophistication, class and fabulousness. A crumpled appearance or a worn garment full of lint, smudge or loose threads taint the appearance of a seemingly well-thought outfit.


Innovation is the spirit of fashion. There is no need to succumb to fashion fascism, trying to chase trends and keeping up with the Benjamins! Being fashionable calls for individuality with a purpose in the wake of exploring different ideas and identities. It is all about playful defiance and picking out the incongruities. An individual’s sense of style should be both compelling and enticing.


The right colour of an outfit serves to improve self-esteem and confidence. Further helping the wearer achieve a suave and groomed look. Be it colour blocking or matching the neutrals with the bright, the right colour complements the skin tone making one stand out. The three colour rule goes that three colours evenly spaced out on the colour wheel are an ideal combination.

For prints and patterns, it is advisable to match the colours and not the prints. Spread the prints across an outfit, break up the look with solids, and wear the same print but in different sizes.

An outfit would ultimately be incomplete without a smile and the perfect pair of shoes!


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