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“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

Ambition, perseverance, vision and passion are a cast-iron certainty for success and happiness in a business. Consequently, personal satisfaction, a team with discernible complementary goals, adequate research, invested thoughts, thorough planning and execution all serve to cement the very indispensable foundation for business growth. It is most desirable that an entrepreneur be a visualiser and an actualiser. For a small business to rake in impactful, impressive profits, it requires a brave heart. A risk-taking venture that is both intimidating and exhilarating in the least. Focused initiatives permeate small businesses with capital which coupled with fresh ideas drive sales and resources. This enables the small business to obtain further financing for business growth.


Having a target consumer base with the right market content involves a choice. That choice must leverage a creative marketing strategy that is a synergy of relevant multiple marketing methodologies aligned with the business core objectives aimed at winning the buyer's trust without being myopic. Relative targeting fetches potential buyers with an utmost inclination to make a purchase, thus revealing significant future predictions. Knowing prospective buyers personally helps the business owner understand their customers, and to tailor the marketing content to their specific needs. Having that connection slanted on emotion allows the entrepreneur to rule the mind space of the customers making them feel incentivised to make a purchase.


Marketing goals should be based on measurable performance. This entails the use of key metrics to indicate the success of the marketing strategies both for long and short-term goals. All marketing activities ultimately need to translate into actionable sales outcome. A successful outcome is either customer acquisition or retention, more lead conversions or increased sales. Productivity is getting what matters done. One could utilise the Pareto principle of 20% effort to create 80% results.


Time-sensitivity is paramount in marketing. Especially so if the marketing content is consumed in each season or dictated by evolving trends. It is essential to note if the content being marketed has a shelf life to avoid losses and expiry. Inducing a purchase when demand is high and supply is constant boosts sales and overall profit.


Acknowledging that the industry has competitors with bigger capacities and bound by a common goal helps the small business owner to partner with others to cut on costs needed to get the content into the market serving to improve profitability and overall expansion.


Spontaneity and consistency allow a better understanding of the products and services being offered. This cultivates loyalty and trust in the target customer base translating into greater sales, profitability and expansion.


A business owner must be in tune with the changing era of digital marketing and online shopping. Thus, must ensure that a website exists, with a deliberate description of products and services on offer, contact details with a live timely feedback mechanism and delivery.


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